A new Brotherhood maneuver against the government of Fakhfakh


The political movements emanating from the terrorist Brotherhood remain their customs … they are beautified but not changing .. After several weeks after the Tunisian Brotherhood Ennahda movement caved to street pressure, and its approval of the new government formation of Prime Minister Elias Al-Fakhakh, we now find it heading to laying its first mines on the path of the government Fledgling.


The Brotherhood Renaissance has submitted a bill to amend the election law, which provides for raising the minimum number of votes, which the party must obtain in order to be represented in Parliament, from three percent to five percent of the total votes in the elections.


This proposal raised more questions and doubts about the purpose of it and the timing of its proposal, especially as Tunisia separates it from the next electoral date of nearly five years.


Tunisian politicians affirmed that it is a Brotherhood maneuver aimed at planning early legislative elections, overthrowing the government of political traps that are politically calculated against President Qais Saeed, and drawing new political weights after its inability to impose its political coordination in the recent period.


The Tunisian parties have affirmed that the desire to separate the political scene and the oppression is the goal that drives the Ennahda movement towards the proposed law, in addition to targeting the Ennahda opponents, nationalists and leftists.

They are narrow partisan interests, as usual, the driving force of the Brotherhood’s currents wherever they exist, forgetting a people heavier with them years of instability.

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