Gulf summit .. Trim for the nails of Tamim


Many of the question marks revolve around the imagination of the Arab follower on the 40th Gulf Summit, scheduled for December 10th, in the Saudi capital of Riyadh. The Arab world is burdened with many concerns, perhaps the most lost of the treacherous dagger of the Qatari regime, which ravaged Arab bodies, without a shred of virility or conscience.
The summit, officially called the head of the Qatari mafia, Tamim bin Hamad, during which they announce the fulfillment of the rightful demands of the Arab peoples, to stand Doha support for terrorist groups and the closure of the Al-Jazeera channel involved in spreading chaos, and to stop interfering in the affairs of other countries? Will the Qatari regime back down from its plans to dismantle the unity and fabric of the Gulf society?
Politicians and observers stressed that the summit comes at a time when the tricks of Doha are not beneficial to the practice of begging and grievances, after the whole world has confirmed its involvement in supporting extremist organizations and continuing to throw them in the arms of its allies.
The Qatari Al-Araan is called for a disciplinary session, in light of the firm and strong stance of the Arab Quartet calling for combating terrorism. The Arab countries have been patient for a long time, but they will not remain silent on the threat to the security of their people and regional and international security.
Ghulam Al-Thani must remember before he set foot in Riyadh, how much opportunity his regime missed to prove goodwill and return to Gulf and Arab warmth, opportunities that are not easy to repeat.

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