Labor chaos: the leadership battle is off track while the deputies tie empty after the party claims “death”


There has been no love lost in the contest to select Corbyn’s replacement, with candidates such as controversial Islington MP Emily Thornberry throwing her hat into the ring.

As Westminster opened its doors, MPs and peers crammed into Committee Room 14 to give their opinion on who they think has the best shot at saving the party.
In order for a candidate to succeed, they need at least 21 nominations from their fellow MPs to progress in the contest.

In a time when camaraderie seems to be at an all time low for Labour, this has proved no easy task.

It is thought that Emily Thornberry and Clive Lewis were struggling to win the nominations they desperately needed.

This is perhaps the most important leadership debate that Labour has faced in the history of the party.

“Now is not the time to steady the ship. if we do not change course we will die and we will deserve to”. said Wigan MP Lisa Nandy in an interview, as she announced her standing to become the next leader of Labour.

Addressing her candidacy in a letter to the Wigan post Ms Nandy wrote “I have heard you loud and clear when you said to earn that trust means we need a leader who is proud to be from those communities, has skin in the game and is prepared to go out, listen and bring Labour home to you.”

She also said that Brexit should not mean “turning our backs on decency, tolerance and kindness”.

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