Leaked video creates terror in Iran


After the Iranian government failed to control the emerging Corona virus, which killed more than three hundred people and infected more than eight thousand cases, the Iranian people suffer from a state of terror and panic after the virus came out of control,.
Iranian citizens who were isolated in their homes have found no way to express their poor conditions except on social media, to come out condemning the lies of Iranian officials who always seek to hide the facts about them regarding deaths and injuries caused by Corona, whose number is increasing day after day.
Among the social media platforms witnessed is the tragic stories that the Iranians shared about their suffering from the deadly virus under the strange silence of the Iranian government.
Among these stories is a video clip of a nurse crumbling in tears, documenting the death of 100 cases in front of her with the virus. Iran, which is experiencing one of the highest death rates from the deadly virus after China, continues to be blamed by its authorities without solutions, which would trap the virus that is claiming more lives every day

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