Libyan Parliament Speaker: We will call on the Egyptian army to intervene if a Turkish attack occurs


During his visit to the Egyptian parliament, the Libyan Speaker of Parliament, Aqila Saleh, called on the international community to take a courageous stance towards the Turkish colonial decision towards his country, warning that the parliament will be forced to invite the Egyptian armed forces to intervene if there is foreign interference in our country.
Saleh pointed out that the continued recognition of the legitimacy of the Libyan Presidential Council is the least that he describes as “treachery”, as it is a disregard for the Libyan will and their right to defend and preserve their country, criticizing the failure to announce a unified Arab position that supports its right to the elected Libyan parliament in the exercise of its elected body. The only legitimate in Libya, rejecting attempts to confiscate these functions and powers.
The Speaker of the Libyan House of Representatives added that the “Skhirat Agreement” no longer exists in light of the practices carried out by the head of the Accord Government Fayez al-Sarraj, pointing out that Libya is facing fierce attack and blatant interference from some parties, especially Turkey.
He stressed the importance of the contribution of the Egyptian state institutions to solving the Libyan problem, expressing his country’s thanks to Egypt for its clear stance, which history testifies to.
He said that Egypt had never abandoned us, thanking Egypt, people, president and government for their support to the Libyan people.

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