London East Asia Film Festival: The program includes Aaron Cook’s new film


After amazing audiences at other film festivals, including Cannes and Venice, films such as The Wild Goose Lake from director Dian Yinan, Balloon, from director Pema Tseden and The Pool of the Year from Ping Lumphapleng.

However, the main focus of the festival will be on the Actor Focus, with Aaron Kwok (considered one of the Four Heavenly Kinds of Hong Kong), at the centre.

The Hong Kong actor has starred in more than 60 films since his first movie in 1984 and has even been awarded such accolades as the Golden Horse Award for Best Actor for his family drama After The Our Exile.
Other than Kwok’s work, LEAFF will also spotlight stories of women, such as in Butterfly, directed by Yan Yan Man, and Heavy Craving, in director Pei-ju Hsieh’s directorial debut.

As 2019 marks the 100th anniversary of Korean Cinema, LEAFF will also celebrate filmmakers and stars who have shaped Korean cinema and its future.

Horror is also on the agenda for LEAFF, as the festival screens The Culprit, directed by Goh Jung-wook, and UK premieres of Woman Who Keeps a Murderer and Under Your Bed.
Directors Hideo Nakata and Mari Asato will return to the festival with these films, having directed mega horror hits Ring and Ju-on.

LEAFF will not only focus on London but travel to Cambridge, Sheffield, Newcastle, Belfast and Dublin on its travels, to show the diversity of films to diverse audiences across the UK.

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