Mass resignations of Turkish doctors because of Erdogan


To protest against the violence they are exposed to at the hands of the Turkish regime and not to be given wages in exchange for their services, the Turkish Medical Association confirmed that Turkish doctors intend to submit their resignations on the seventeenth seventeen of the twentieth of April twenty-2020, to protest against the violence experienced by health workers during a conference The Medical Association recently held it in its headquarter in Ankara, under the title “In a healthy environment free from violence”

Turkey’s website now, he said that the organization explained during the conference that it will work to combat violence, and by the end of this month the association will organize meetings with doctors ’offices and meet doctors in different regions, provided that the association will hold another meeting on the fifteenth of next March 15 in the city of Ankara to organize a protest day Seventeen seventeen of next April, during which doctors are scheduled to announce that they have quit their jobs and resigned.

The deputy head of the Turkish Future Party, which was founded by the former Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, Selçuk Ozdag, said, “I expect early elections in Turkey in the year 2121, because they can neither advance nor administer the country, and there is an economic crisis and unemployment in Turkey. Pointing out that “the biggest problem in this country is the presidential system of government, and the decision of the United States of America to impose a penalty, which requires an investigation into the assets and property of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

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