Qatar records 1000% increase in corona infection rates


The Doha gang cannot hide its failure to control the outbreak of the Krone virus in Doha, where daily reports and leaks continue to show what Doha has reached in the era of a system that devotes every precious and precious commodity in order to implement its plan even if it is at the expense of its people
The British newspaper “Daily Mail” announced in a report that the cases of “Corona” in Qatar increased by 1000% in one day, as cases jumped from 24 to 262 confirmed cases with the virus, noting that the first infections that were recorded were citizens and Qatari officials returning from Iran.
The newspaper said that although the Ministry of Health announced that 262 cases had been confirmed, it had not reported any deaths due to the virus, but had closed universities and schools and canceled public events, and had banned travelers from fourteen countries from entering the country, raising doubts about the deaths of hundreds of coronaviruses. in Qatar.
And if the British newspaper mentioned these numbers, then the official Qatari authorities announced that the number of infections in Coruna approached five hundred cases, confirming the spread of the virus at an accelerated pace in the emirate

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