Rolando Velazone in Wild Western fascinates Leipzig


The versatile, world-renowned artist turns Italian composer Gaetano Donizetti’s bubbly romantic comedy ‘L’elisir d’amore’ (The elixir of love) into a 1940s cowboy movie set.
This richly coloured universe wows the Opera Leipzig.

“You have never seen such an approach for L’Elisir. There is so much happening on stage. It’s like a good movie,” says tenor Piotr Buszewski.

At the heart of the action is Nemorino, burning with love for the beautiful Adina, he thinks a potion he’s bought from a charlatan has taken effect.

“He (Rolando) used a lot of elements of clownery…” explains soprano Bianca Tognocchi.

“…and also Commedia dell’arte, some really old, old things of my culture and I also see a lot of puppet theatre.”

“Adina is a very strong independent woman and I think she’s a real feminist.”

“I want to bring the idea of the make-believe world,” says Villazón.

“We relate enormously to the world of Western there’s so many westerns and who has not played like you are a cowboy and you are an apache and then comes the sheriff and this is really a world that that fills us with a lot of fantasies and imagination.”

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