Sober October 2019: Health benefits of alcohol free for a month, or longer


Similar to Dry January, Sober October is a month-long alcohol-free challenge which those taking part often use to donate to charity. Macmillan’s website calls for sober heroes to give up the booze for a month in order to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Anyone can participate in MacMillan’s challenge, and in 2017, £5million was raised for the charity.

Going alcohol-free can be difficult, as many of us find having a drink after work, popping to the pub with friends and enjoying a booze-fuelled night out are good ways to unwind or relax.
However, founder of One Year No Beer – an organisation which challenges people to go alcohol-free for 28, 90 or 365 days – Ruari Fairbairns told of his experience giving up alcohol for 90 days.

Mr Fairbairns said: “I took a break. And on that 90 days, I was completely blown away with how much life improves.
“I started to get so much faster, I wanted to go to the gym, I want to exercise I was happy, I was better at my job was more focused on time with my kids, I was more present with my wife.

“There’s absolutely no downside to only benefits. And it was like, the polar opposite of what I thought it would be.

“My vision of not drinking was was that you would have to lock yourself away via social, you know, social recharge because nobody likes non-drinkers.

“And so there was all that fear. But it was actually completely the opposite.”

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