The dismantling of the Revolutionary Guards … the demand for Tehran demonstrations


For the third consecutive day, the demonstrations of the Iranian people continued in the face of their ruling regime, and the torrents of excuses that came from the guide of Iran and their president did not succeed in calming the popular anger that swept the capital Tehran and other cities.

The Iranian demonstrations were motivated by the Iranian regime’s announcement of its responsibility to shoot down the Ukrainian plane, after days of denial and lying, to demand the demonstrators to dismantle the Revolutionary Guard militias, which caused many disasters for their country, the last of which was the plane disaster.

Thousands who went out in the Tehran demonstrations also condemned what they called “propaganda plays” of the Revolutionary Guards, referring to the Iranian regime’s lies about launching retaliatory strikes for the killing of the terrorist Qassem Soleimani, although these strikes did not cause a single American injury.

So, again and in less than three months, the Iranian people are revolting against the head of power in their country, as sharp demonstrations erupted in November and December last year against the background of Iran’s regime of raising the price of fuel in a significant way. Only the brutal crackdown by the Revolutionary Guards militia, which killed more than 300 people, wounded and arrested thousands, failed to thwart these demonstrations.

The calls of the Iranian people to demand the dismantling of the Revolutionary Guards come as an old revenge, as these militias were the regime’s stick against the legitimate demands of the people.

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