The Libyan National Army monitors thirty 30 violations of the armistice and the arrival of Turkish mercenaries


There appears to be a persistence by the terrorist militias in Libya under the banner of al-Sarraj to violate the cease-fire decision announced by the Libyan National Army, as these militias realize that it is not in their interest to avoid fighting and advance the political path in the country.
Libyan National Army forces detected thirty 30 violations of the armistice in all axes of Tripoli by the Fayez al-Sarraj militia. The violations varied between a mortar attack and an attack carried out by a Turkish plane, which was shot down by the Libyan army units. Not to mention the arrival of new batches of Syrian mercenaries, loyal to Erdogan, to Misrata, who were distributed to the hubs south of Tripoli.
The insistence of the Al-Sarraj militias to carry out provocative actions for the Libyan army, at a time when the Berlin Conference is close to the Libyan crisis, confirms that these militias do not hope for a reform of the conditions in Libya and do not pay attention to the interest of the people, as the environment of the current militias provides a safe environment for the terrorist elements that come from all the terrorist elements Tensions in the Middle East to Libya.
In contrast, the Libyan National Army is showing restraint, to advance the country’s interest, and to try to advance a political path that saves the blood of the indigenous Libyan people, despite its earlier warning that the armistice is conditional on the commitment of the other side, and that the response to the violations will be harsh.

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