The mysterious death of a Kenyan youth aboard Qatar Airways


Although the Qatari authorities are proud of what they offer citizens and expatriates, by the institutions that follow them, bad news comes to reveal the truth of its lies and hypocrisy in front of the world and the deterioration and neglect of Qatar during the era of Tamim bin Hamad
The Kenyan “Mwakilishi” website revealed the mysterious death of a thirty-seven-year-old Kenyan man on a Qatar Airways flight to Nairobi from Doha during the six-hour journey.
The leader of the Kenyan airport police unit, Titus Karori, announced the death of the passenger upon his arrival at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, where he was suffering from an acute heart attack and shortness of breath, which led to his death, due to medical negligence on the Qatar Airways plane, which failed to save the young man.
In a similar incident, the Indian newspaper “Times of India”, in turn, revealed the death of the Indian lady Ritha Gopal, aged (sixty-seven years), on Qatar Airways flight number seven hundred and twenty-six, which took off from Chicago O’Hare International Airport, heading to India , Who did not suffer from chronic diseases, after she complained of chest pain, which led to her death. The accident clearly reveals the scale of the failure to provide medical care on Qatar Airways and the mishandling of any emergencies

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