Turkey penetrates and spies on Qatari sovereignty


They have neither dear nor fellow .. Yes they are Turks from grandparents and even children, long years of conspiracies and intrigues and bloody by the Turks under the umbrella of the Ottoman Empire to steal the wealth of the Arab region.

Despite Tamim bin Hamad, the Qatari prince, currently lying in the arms of Erdogan at the expense of his Arab brothers, he has no dear nor a companion, as it is proven by documents and evidence that Turkey has penetrated Qatar’s sovereignty and spied on it through its military base in Doha.

The Turkish forces in Doha used the Qatari army planes, and tested new weapons systems there in order to stand on the Qatari military ability and know every detail, even a small one, from the Qatari army through its work to strengthen its air and sea assets in Qatar, as if Qatar had become an Ottoman state under the Turkish occupation.

Erdogan was not satisfied, but ordered Tamim that the Turkish General Staff in the years of sixteen and sixteen 2016, conduct intelligence and surveillance operations in Qatar, and that any Qatari military assets are at Turkish disposal, including testing newly acquired weapons systems.

Also, Turkish forces are allowed to use the aircraft owned by the Qatari Armed Forces through the Turkish military base in Doha, which includes two thousand and eight hundred 2,800 Turkish soldiers.

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